Melissa McCarthy adds spice (and Spicer) as host of 'SNL'

  • Melissa McCarthy adds spice (and Spicer) as host of 'SNL'

Melissa McCarthy adds spice (and Spicer) as host of 'SNL'

Axios scoops Sunday with the news that President Donald Trump is considering a "huge reboot" of the White House that could include replacing several key parts of his administration.

When a public vote of confidence for current Press Secretary Sean Spicer equates to either praise for his "ratings" or musings about doing away with press conferences altogether, one might begin to wonder when the actual firing could come. Guilfoyle comes from a legal background and has been with Fox since January 2006, co-hosting the talk show "The Five". After continued questions about Huckabee Sanders, his job security and whether Trump is lying to him, Spicer abruptly ends the press conference and rides his podium up to NY to confront the president. "Spicer then emerged", the newspaper reported.

"The only Russian thing is my dolly", Spicey says, holding the biggest doll, President Trump. But she, nor anyone else in the White House, has provided any evidence that shows the White House sought and received reliable data about the Bureau before President Donald Trump chose to fire him. Sanders kept her answers short and crisp, and rarely interrupted her questioners with Spicer-ian interjections of "Hold on!"

White House reporters say they generally like Sanders, who honed her messaging skills as a TV surrogate for Trump during the campaign. He said she's "even worse at lying" than Spicer. "They're liars. They're liars, they're disgusting people, they're liars, the press goes".

We saw more of that last night on "SNL", where McCarthy was back as Spicer and funnier than ever.

President Trump would think that by placing a young woman on the other side of the toughest newsroom in the free world, the situation for him would become easier. Riding around the city to a soundtrack of "The Only Living Boy In New York", McCarthy's Spicer is dejected when he sees a New York Post cover that says, "Is Spicer a Goner?" and ends up eating gum from the sidewalk.

"Apparently, Sean Spicer forgot the immortal words of the Reverend Jesse Jackson, " Meyers quipped Thursday night. But the president's criteria for what he wants in a press secretary may be more limited - as CNN has previously reported, Trump watches the briefing nearly daily.

Trump acknowledged it was before the two embraced, ending the sketch.