Jinder Mahal Becomes Champion After Defeating Randy Orton At WWE 'Backlash'

  • Jinder Mahal Becomes Champion After Defeating Randy Orton At WWE 'Backlash'

Jinder Mahal Becomes Champion After Defeating Randy Orton At WWE 'Backlash'

This year's Backlash was hardly a much-anticipated spectacle to most fans, and though there wasn't a single outright dud on the card, it was still a thoroughly mediocre and forgettable night for the most part.

WWE Backlash (2017) is just one day away and fans can't wait to see the debut of some of their favorite superstars. I like the idea of Dolph Ziggler - giving the veteran a chance to "show off" a bit as a solid mid-card feud. You hate me because of the way I look. Writers flip-flopped about who would go over, as the WWE betting lines clearly indicated, before deciding to put Owens over via the creative count-out finish we ended up seeing. Owens' heel character should find any and all excuses for the loss and look to SmackDown officials to add yet another stipulation for Battleground.

It is now May, and Jinder Mahal is WWE Champion.

Jinder Mahal with fellow Indo-Canadian wrestlers, The Singh Brothers.

Backstage - Jinder Mahal arrives: A black SUV and white limo pulled up backstage. Amidst his heated rivalry with Chris Jericho, a new challenger for the United States Championship was decided as "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles earned the right to face Kevin Owens for the title at Backlash. Orton with an easy win over Jinder. Let's see if that holds true. Tyler Breeze reprised the janitor costume he wore on Fashion Files this week and took a beating for his troubles (along with having his mop snapped in half). Granted, the latter gimmick will run out of steam eventually so at least WWE is getting this feud out of the way while it's still hot.

WWE SmackDown's next title event, "Money in the Bank", will take place in St. Louis on Sunday, June 18.

Honestly, it's not as if Shinsuke was in there with an AJ Styles, John Cena, or Brock Lesnar.

A relatively new match, but one that ranks up there for me personally. Shinsuke Nakamura is a once in a generation star, and WWE has done a great job building him up as a big deal leading into his first PPV match on the main roster. Some of you have even followed through with subscriptions, which is especially gratifying.

It was the only match on the night that didn't end with a pinfall or submission. The two delivered an entertaining big man match that was a considerable step-up from their match on SmackDown a few weeks back. While the match certainly served as a spotlight for Nakamura, it might have helped Dolph even more, as the two basically went 50-50 in the match.

The WWE's decision to oust Orton from this throne had fans divided, erupting in a storm of Tweets after the fight concluded.

After winning, Mahal took on a villainous role and spoke about the hate and shock he would inevitably receive after being crowned champion. Anyway, it's not like this will be a awful match but don't expect anything extraordinary to blow you away. As the match reached its climax, Zayn went for the inverted exploder but bad back meant he could not pick up the near 300-pounder. The development came as a surprise to most considering the blue brand was filled with talent who could succeed "The Viper" as champion. With Corbin undoubtedly being one of the favourites to win the Money in the Bank in a few months - this is a odd decision. Then again, Sami could get a fluke win and keep this thing going. Why?