Hellboy Getting Rebooted With Stranger Things' David Harbour Starring

  • Hellboy Getting Rebooted With Stranger Things' David Harbour Starring

Hellboy Getting Rebooted With Stranger Things' David Harbour Starring

This reboot will not feature the talents of the original series, most notably director Guillermo del toro or star Ron Perlman. The film's working title is Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen and features a script by Andrew Cosby (Eureka), Christopher Golden and Mignola himself. Neil Marshall has been signed on as the film's director, most notably known for his work on The Descent and Game of Thrones. Immediately after, Del Toro preemptively shut down further conversation on additional Hellboy movies, stating, "That is to be the final thing about it".

The original Hellboy premiered in 2004 with the sequel following in 2008. It certainly appears Mignola has opened the door del Toro meant to keep closed.

Neil Marshall to direct new Hellboy film starring David Harbour
R-Rated HELLBOY Reboot Announced Sans Guillermo del Toro, Ron Perlman

But, but, but! Hellboy II compiled $160 million worldwide, which should compel anyone to ask why a third movie wasn't an automatic. It's not hard for many not to feel excited - after all, fans have been waiting for a new Hellboy movie for years. He confirmed that there is a new R-Rated reboot in the works, and we really can't wait. Slightly reassuring is the fact that Dark Horse Entertainment's Mike Richardson has signed on to produce, and horror director Neil Marshall is set to helm. Earlier this year Del Toro wrote on Twitter that "100% a sequel will not happen". There is now no release date for Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, but with the first two films gathering a cult following, the remake should be riding on the coattails of hype surrounding the franchise. Guillermo Del Toro did not provide any details, but Hollywood Reporter claims that Hellboy 3 would have been prohibitively expensive, so the producers chose to start over again from scratch. Harbour plays Chief Jim Hopper in Stranger Things. However, the Mignolaverse continues to live on other series, like B.P.R.D. His idea was for the plot to revolve around Hellboy coming to terms with his destiny as the beast of the Apocalypse - the prophecy that he will bring about the end of the world.