Google Photos Poses Some New Challenges for Instagram, Flickr, and Shutterfly

  • Google Photos Poses Some New Challenges for Instagram, Flickr, and Shutterfly

Google Photos Poses Some New Challenges for Instagram, Flickr, and Shutterfly

Moreover, Users backed up 1.2 Billion photos and videos every day. Which is exactly why the latest update for the Photos app does the hard work of identifying your friends in your photos, and urges you to share the pictures with them.

This is a special feature that takes you back to a moment in the past, be it a special trip or any special occasion.

But before you dive in, let's take a look at all of the new features Google Photos offers. Lieb notes that whomever you share photos with does not see an indication of whether you have the app set to show your selected sharing contact all of your photos or just a subset.

Following news of Google Lens, which allows your camera to identify objects or places, it announces a function to remove unwanted objects from photos. With the machine learning technology, the app creates good Photo Books for you.

But our photo libraries aren't as idyllic as Google presents them to be. Else, you can continue to be lethargic and simply skip this process. You'll be able to give your spouse or significant other full access to your photos or only photos of certain people or a certain date forward (what are you hiding in your past?).

Suggested Sharing will be rolling out soon to Android, iOS and the Web.

This is another feature which builds upon the same concept - eliminate the photo begging process. That photo will automatically be shared with the other parent.

You'll either find the new Suggested Sharing feature annoying or unbelievable. If you've selected more than one contact, Google Photos will again use ML and AI algorithms to detect photos/videos to share them with the right person.

Google Lens, which will be integrated into Google Assistant and Google Photos in the "coming months", according to a statement, is about to become your new genius best friend. You can see the before and after image down below. Additionally, the company is hoping take their new technology a step further to keep your photo albums up-to-date as well. Or maybe you were on the other end, and someone took a picture of you that never made its way to social media so you never saw it again. And voila, you're done.

Google wants Photos to be a guide in the most important images in your life. But intelligent fill features like that aren't as readily available in apps meant for consumers, and presumably, Google is going to make this even easier to use. Photo Books start at $9.99 and the Photo Books feature, along with suggested sharing and shared libraries, will hit Google Photos in the coming weeks.