FedEx confirms it was hit by global malware attack

  • FedEx confirms it was hit by global malware attack

FedEx confirms it was hit by global malware attack

It locks down all the files on an infected computer. That's why it's called ransomware.

WannaCry takes advantage of a vulnerability discovered by the NSA and made public by hackers in April.

However, the harshest criticism was left for the NSA, who had the software that was responsible for the cyberattack stolen.

Microsoft in March released a patch for users to remove the vulnerability, but long-standing delays in updating major systems-such as the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom -exacerbated by a lack of support from the software company, allowed the attack to spread quickly around the world.

Smith's statement made no mention of pirated Microsoft software, users of which can not download the security patch.

It gives incentives to hackers and pays for future attacks.

It crippled Britain's National Health Service; patients expecting scheduled operations were turned away.

Dozens of local Chinese authorities said they had suspended some of their services due to the attack that has disrupted operations at vehicle factories, hospitals, shops and schools around the world.

Also hit were Deutsche Bahn, the Russian Central Bank, Russian Railways, Russia's Interior Ministry, Megafon and Telefónica.

They exploited a ideal storm of factors - the Windows hole, the ability to get ransom paid in digital currency, poor security practices - but it's unclear if the payoff, at least so far, was worth the trouble.

Terming such cyber-attacks as a shared responsibility between tech companies and customers, the tech giant said, so many computers remained vulnerable even two months after the release of a patch. Microsoft is also telling customers to update all their anti-malware, virus protection software. Intelligence agencies, of course, are unlikely to acknowledge that cybersecurity should be valued over spying anytime soon, though, so really, the next ransomware attack is just a matter of time. Essentially if you're running a Windows OS version lower than Windows 10, you're at a higher risk. Install Microsoft's patch. 3.

The attack spread to a large swath of different organizations around the world, including the French auto company Renault, the Russian cellphone operator MegaFon and USA -based FedEx. Experts and authorities have told users, if hit, to not pay the attackers' ransom. "And it would take a lot more effort to try to stop that next wave of attack".

On Monday, cyber security experts were telling everyone not to give in to those demands.

Over the weekend, the Wannacry ransomware attack, which first surfaced for most countries on Friday, became vastly worse.

Matthew Hickey, cofounder of security firm My Hacker House, created a virtual inoculation for companies to use to prevent ransomware while they work on patching.