Christian group urges Trump to move embassy to Jerusalem

Trump could take advantage of these regional trends to nudge Sunni Arab countries not now in a state of peace with Israel (only Egypt and Jordan have signed peace deals with the Jewish state) to come out of the closet and launch official diplomatic relations with Israel instead of behind-the-scenes diplomacy.

The leftwing Israel Policy Forum (IPF) praised Trump for "the sentiments expressed in his speech today in Jerusalem urging both sides to resolve their conflict and make peace within a larger regional framework". Trump is the first American president to visit the Western Wall while in office.

He became the first sitting United States president to visit the site in east Jerusalem, which Israel occupied in 1967 and later annexed in a move never recognised by the global community.

President Donald Trump received warm receptions from Arab, Israeli, and Palestinian leaders this week during his first foreign trip, but those hoping to see him revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process were disappointed.

"If he does not keep his promise", said Staver, "it will be a sign of weakness to the enemies of Israel and will embolden them against Israel".

In its official itinerary for Trump's visit to Israel and the disputed territories, the White House referred to Abbas as the leader of "Palestine", which could be construed as a form of recognition of an independent Palestinian state.

But a fiftieth anniversary is a good occasion to consider the other possibility, the possibility that what has endured and been endured for fifty years might continue for another fifty, and that one day Israel might celebrate a centenary of Jewish sovereignty in Jerusalem without the Messiah having come, without peace having been agreed, without borders having been generally recognized, without much of its population's citizenship being settled - and without a catastrophe.

Trump visited Israel after Saudi Arabia.

Far-right Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Israeli settler organisations also hailed Trump's silence on two states.

The Liberty Counsel's Staver said his organization will hold Trump accountable if the president fails to follow through on his pledge.

His address in Riyadh focused on Iranian "evil" and that country's support for terror groups: Islamic State, al-Qaeda and Hezbollah - all a threat to the established order.

The status of Jerusalem is the subject of a longstanding USA policy debate - and it showed during Trump's trip.

Following a second day of meetings at the G7 summit in Sicily and remarks to United States troops stationed at a nearby air base, Mr Trump was returning to Washington and a new crush of Russia-related controversies. Just the fanfare the narcissistic President loves, reinforced by a summit of (Sunni) Muslim leaders convened to hear him speak, a seeming act of fealty. "This visit underscores the unwavering strength of the US-Israel relationship and the Jewish state's vital importance as America's strategic partner in a volatile region", AIPAC said. Indeed, Trump has pointed to the "big, big lovely difference" in the way his administration has approached Israel in a clear swipe at the anti-Israel attitudes that permeated the Obama administration. Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have talked the talk of Arab and Muslim needs, but they failed to back up their words with substantive action.

As Air Force One lifted off towards Italy, Trump watchers turned their attention to his upcoming meeting with Pope Francis on Wednesday morning.

"The real question is if there is something substantive happening behind closed doors".

Along with his Instagram post, he also shared a video of US President's sword dance in the Saudi capital, and blasted Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia and participation in the ceremonial sword dance.

Israel in the meantime would make changes in the Palestinians' quality of life by taking such steps as improving the Palestinian economy and conditions on the ground to counter the strong appeal of Hamas, which seeks Israel's destruction, he added.

Trump's impulsiveness showed up once, when he stopped journalists from leaving a press conference that had just ended to tell them that he never mentioned the name "Israel" to the Russians.

Abbas has previously demanded a freeze on settlement construction before returning to the negotiating table.