Celebrate mothers for all they do throughout the year

  • Celebrate mothers for all they do throughout the year

Celebrate mothers for all they do throughout the year

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"Mothers love fashion and we chose hats to resemble their lifestyle". And then ask yourself why she is nevertheless willing to accept your debt to her as paid in full in exchange for an occasional simple but honest expression of thanks and love?

Long ago, at the dinner table one Sunday, my mother had most, if not all, of her seven children around. In 1912 Anna Jarvis trademarked the phrases "Second Sunday in May" and "Mother's Day", and created the Mother's Day International Association. She just could not win the war against the commercial.

This Sunday is special for many of us around the globe.

"The illusion is that mothers are automatically happier, more fulfilled and complete", she wrote.

The point of this story is to encourage young women to become educated, prepared and appreciate the role of motherhood, along with whatever other avocation chosen. Mothers Day is celebrated mainly in India, Canada, U.S.A, Australia and some other countries.

"I hope and pray that someone, sometime, will found a memorial mother's day commemorating her for the matchless service she renders to humanity in every field of life". During the Civil War, Ann's clubs provided aid to injured soldiers.

Another precursor to Mother's Day came from the abolitionist and suffragette Julia Ward Howe. Especially peace with your mother.

KOVASH: So this was definitely about celebrating mothers and being a very pure holiday to say, "Thank you for what you do". By now you've probably read a dozen articles and opinion pieces on what the day "really means", what it ought to mean instead, who really started it, and how it should be celebrated. Why not promise your mother that you will not repeat it?

The official Mother's Day holiday arose in the 1900s as a result of the efforts of Anna Jarvis, daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis. Anna herself later became disenchanted with the commercialization of Mother's Day. I asked on Facebook how people recognize the day. She's been gone for 12 years now. My mother taught me TIME TRAVEL.

Ironically, Anna Jarvis never had children, unlike millions of American women before and since.

"A Mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place No One else can take".

Jarvis eventually resorted to an open campaign against Mother's Day profiteers, speaking out against confectioners, florists and even charities. Before she died in 1948, she admitted that she regretted ever starting the holiday.

In Greece, honouring motherhood has been linked to the Eastern Orthodox celebration of the presentation of Jesus Christ to the temple. Life changes, jobs change, interests change, but once a mother always a mother.

How Was The First Mother's Day Observed? Mothers are also five times more likely to take their sick kids to doctors' appointments. Happy Mother's Day to our audience! My wife has become this kind of mother to our children and grandchildren. Yet ironically, not only is this labor invisible in our accounts of the economy, it is also poorly supported in the way we approach healthcare and labor law. When we are 16 we say, "My mother is a little old fashioned". They clean up after us, encourage us at every corner, love us with no strings attached and give us so much happiness in so many chapters of our lives.

Multi-tasking the role as a home maker, wife, mother, teacher, mentor, nurse, chef, planner, builder, comforter, provider, counsellor, guide, bread victor, social worker, best friend and even that of a servant, a mother is one superstar who is to be bestowed with the highest respect and a lifetime of honour. They would cook all sorts of things so that we be strong and healthy.

Sustained over time, not only are these meaningful reforms effective in supporting the care work that is the rock-bottom foundation of any dynamic economy, they also give women a real choice in combining motherhood with professional aspirations and economic security. But we all have people who nurture us and people who we nurture. "She is dearly missed".