Cabinet members head to Capitol Hill to defend Trump budget

  • Cabinet members head to Capitol Hill to defend Trump budget

Cabinet members head to Capitol Hill to defend Trump budget

According to budget tables released by the administration, Trump's plan cuts nearly $3.6 trillion from an array of benefit programs, domestic agencies and war spending over the coming decade - an nearly 8 percent cut - including repealing and replacing Obama's health law, cutting Medicaid, eliminating student loan subsidies, sharply slashing food stamps, and cutting $95 billion in highway formula funding for the states.

The Trump administration released its proposal to balance the country's budget over the next decade on Tuesday, and says it will require large cuts to domestic programs to do it.

A local healthcare leader is responding after President Donald Trump proposed cutting billions of dollars in food and medical help as part of his first budget. Tom Udall, a New Mexico Democrat who sits on the Appropriations Committee.

Border security: The proposal includes $2.6 billion for border security technology, including money to design and build a wall along the southern border.

Trump's budget proposal for federal fiscal year 2018, which starts in October, is subject to Congressional approval and therefore is likely to change.

"More for the military, less for the poor", "Trump's draft budget breaks the promise of the campaign with cuts worth 800 billion dollars to Medicaid" and "Trump's budget strongly strikes his own voters" are some of the headlines in USA media.

She was offered SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly called food stamps, when she was fighting cancer.

Food stamp cuts would drive millions from the program, while a wave of Medicaid cuts - on top of more than $800 billion in the House-passed health care bill - could deny nursing home care to millions of elderly poor people. Its proposal calls for significant cuts to social safety net programs and assumes more robust economic growth.

Social Security disability payments would be cut by $72 billion over 10 years, including a projected $48 billion in savings from efforts to increase the number of people with disabilities who are working. Instead of depending on government handouts, officials want able-bodied Americans to get back to work to support themselves.

In order to explain the content of the document, entitled "A New Foundation for American Greatness", Mulvaney underlined that compassion can not be measured 'by the money or the people in the programs of social assistance, but by the amount of people we get out of them'. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., said the budget "stacks the deck against the most vulnerable Americans".

Panel Democrats charged that Trump's cuts would rip apart the social safety net.

"Reports about details of Trump budget lay to rest any belief that he's looking out for the people the economy has left behind", Bob Greenstein, the President of Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a left-leaning research and policy institute, tweeted on Monday.

"It relies on a heroic economic estimate", MacGuineas said. It would counter Trump's push for greater private spending by calling for ramped-up federal spending on highways and other infrastructure projects.

"We have borrowed from our children and their future for too long, the devastating consequences of which can not be overstated", it says.

"With this budget, the President betrays his promises to many voters who placed his trust in them".

Unlike many parliamentary democracies like India and the United Kingdom wherein the finance minister personally delivers speech on the floor of the Parliament, in the USA, the White House sends hard copies of the president's budget proposals. Faster economic growth would generate trillions of dollars in additional revenue, allowing the government to balance its books by 2027. It's presenting the 2018 budget today.

The strategy is simple and will work if actually carried out: Grow the economy.

More than 75 percent of households who participate in SNAP have worked a job in the year before or after the receive benefits, according to the USDA. It includes $98 million for a new NNSA facility on property in Albuquerque, next to the Kirtland Air Force Base east perimeter fence on Eubank Avenue. And that is a useful reminder, that this blueprint that the White House puts out is just sort of a notional idea of what the White House would like to see.

Federal aid to states would shrink by 3 per cent, though the cuts would fall most heavily on states that backed Trump's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

The spending reductions, just $2 trillion over 10 years, are inevitably being described as "deep", "steep, and "drastic", underscoring how hard meaningful budget reform has become".