Amazon leads surging connected speakers market

The survey by research firm eMarketer found Amazon's Echo speakers held 70.6 per cent of the U.S. market, compared with 23.8 per cent for Google Home and 5.6 per cent for others including Lenovo, LG, Harmon Kardon and Mattel. Hopefully they up that design a bit and bring it into the modern age.

Overall, 60.5 million Americans will use Siri, Cortana, or other virtual assistants at least once a month, the report says. However, based on the introduction video, it's reasonable to say that Echo Look is meant to be used as more of an accessory to your clothing selection than an end-all bank of fashion knowledge.

Part of what made the original Amazon Echo such a surprising and original product was how it completely removed the touch-screen, which has become our default way of interacting with digital devices.

There could be security and privacy issues as well. Back in November past year, Bloomberg reported that Amazon could be developing a "premium" Echo-like speaker with a large screen. Amazon Echo has developed tremendously since its launch and has many new features like the news briefing by your Echo, a screen that displays weather, news updates, and the enhanced shopping experience through the Amazon Echo itself.

Which is why Amazon is now hoping to do something even more innovative.

Several rumors have revealed that the unnamed home assistant is going to unveiled during the annual WWDC event but knowing Apple and its premium lineup of products, the assistant might not be priced cheaply. Alexa responds to users on the Amazon Echo and gives them what they need to hear.

This structured data, also known as keywords or category specific specifications, is crucial for these devices to help with searching and ordering products. Mass adoption could take years, the way smartphones did, but as prices come down, more people will be able to afford a smart speaker for their home.

It is more hard at the moment to envision how regular eCommerce websites can take advantage of the voice-enabled devices. The goal here is to make it quick and easy for every customer to receive an answer to his or her question at any time. Google's smart speaker - on sale since last November - is expected to capture 23.8% of users this year.