Deadline to file taxes is Tuesday

  • Deadline to file taxes is Tuesday

Deadline to file taxes is Tuesday

"Getting your taxes won means getting every credit and deduction you deserve". The gap has narrowed somewhat, but as of April 7, nearly 4 million fewer people had filed than at the same point a year ago. They reiterated they do not know anything about the tax case. But, you can not extend the time to pay.

The IRS reminds taxpayers that there is no law that permits taxpayers to refuse to file a federal tax return or refuse to pay their taxes.

The deadline is at 11:59 pm on Tuesday 18 April.

Non-governmental organization Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) filed a lawsuit against the IRS for its refusal to disclose tax returns of President Trump.

"Generally, any taxpayer can file for an extension of six months for any reason", said John Piershale, a certified financial planner and certified tax specialist at Piershale Financial Group in IL.

Because of Emancipation Day, a somewhat obscure holiday celebrated in Washington, DC, Americans have until Tuesday, April 18, to file taxes - three days later than the typical April 15 deadline.

Owe tax? If so, payments can be made using Michigan's e-Payments service. Who wants to spend that much of their precious free time doing paperwork?

Be mindful of the midnight deadline.

But don't delay paying the tax bill.

You can request a filing extension to October 16th, but if you owe any tax, you'll have to send it in by the deadline. Most e-file software platforms allow electronic signatures.

Hungary has a 15 percent flat rate tax, Reid says, but the country had to introduce a 27 percent sales tax - the highest such tax in the world - to make up the difference. If you don't, the IRS can charge you additional late fees, penalties and interest on the unpaid amount.

If not, you're far from alone.

If you're not owing taxes, that is. While personal credit card interest is not deductible, you can deduct interest if your credit card was used for qualified business expenses. You could have access to a health savings account that could be used for future medical costs or for retirement savings.

And Americans were already behind schedule, according to the IRS.

Generally, taxpayers can contribute to a traditional IRA and deduct up to $5,500 for individuals and $6,500 for those over the age of 50. Colorado's relatively low property tax of 0.6 percent of value equals an average tax bite of 2 percent of income, or $2,000 for our family.

It's a valid question, and the best answer I can give you is to come up with a rough estimate and start making payments.

When you seek a tax extension deadline, 2017 rules require you to first take a few preliminary steps.